Embryo Freezing in Madurai

Embryo freezing, often known as cryopreservation, is a pioneering fertility preservation method.

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Embryo Freezing Treatment in Madurai

Embryo freezing, often known as cryopreservation, is a pioneering fertility preservation method. Embryos are carefully frozen and stored for future use. Annai Hospital, a top fertility center in Madurai, offers a friendly environment for people looking to protect their fertility through embryo freezing.

What Happens when you freeze embryos?

When embryos are frozen, they are carefully chilled to extremely low temperatures through a procedure known as cryopreservation. This stops their development and saves them for later use. A specific solution is utilized during freezing to prevent the embryos from ice formation-related harm. Once frozen, the embryos can be preserved for a long length of time before being thawed and placed into a woman’s uterus for implantation using assisted reproductive techniques such as in vitro fertilization.

What is the method of freezing embryos?

Embryo freezing is the technique of extracting young, healthy eggs from the ovaries and freezing them in a laboratory. Medically, this is known as oocyte cryopreservation.

This treatment begins with a fertility and health screening. The health assessment is intended to detect STIs. The fertility assessment determines the quality and number of eggs. Both examinations include pelvic ultrasounds and blood tests.

The healthcare professional may wish to assess the quality and amount of eggs to determine how many eggs should be frozen. For women aged 37 to 40, preserving thirty eggs enhances their odds of becoming pregnant by 80%. Women under the age of 35 should only store 15 eggs because their eggs are healthier and younger than those of women over 35.

What is the age restriction for embryo freezing?

Some experts disagree on the ideal age to freeze eggs. Some argue that a woman in her mid-20s doesn’t have to store eggs because she can conceive naturally at the age of 30.

However, some experts say that because a woman’s fertility drops as she matures, the optimal time to store eggs is between the ages of 27 and 34. However, the decision to freeze eggs differs from woman to woman, depending on her age, stage of life, and reasons for wishing to freeze her eggs.

Annai Hospital’s embryo freezing technique in Madurai is a light of hope for people dealing with fertility issues. The treatment, with its thorough approach, allows patients to save their fertility for future family planning. The Hospital’s dedication to transparency, affordability, and overall well-being paves the way for a successful and helpful fertility journey.